Shenanigans Café, is nestled in the north east corner of Sark, on a old family owned Farm, called Le Grand Fort, which dates back to 1565. It’s still operating as a small farm with the production of Sark Honey. It’s a great place for visitors to stop and enjoy our great fresh ground coffee or maybe a cream tea, sit back and take in the coastal view of France and Alderney.

Shenanigans Café has a lot to offer for children with a variety of small pets, rabbits, chickens, rheas and a variety of mixed birds for them to view. The North end of Sark has very pretty walks, all very close to the Café. We can also offer private functions, BBQ s lunches for maybe your family or friends. 

We can also offer you light lunch. Being the home of Sark Honey we are the only place on Sark offering local honey products and delights; by request weather permitting we can give you a tour off the hives and introduce you to some of our very friendly bees.