Phase 5 - currently in place

Phase 5 should be considered a return to normal activity in the Bailiwick – the Bailiwick Bubble.

Social distancing and controlled and uncontrolled environments will no longer be required. However, we recommend that individuals still keep a diary of their activities to assist with contact tracing if this was ever needed.

Whilst strict measures for distancing are no longer required, the community is asked to ‘respect my personal space’ and maintain a distance where possible. This is in addition to good respiratory etiquette (catch it, bin it, kill it) and frequent hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds

These good hygiene measures are not only excellent in protecting the community from COVID-19, they will help prevent the spread of other infectious diseases such as Influenza, Norovirus etc.

Businesses should actively encourage respecting personal space, good respiratory etiquette and good hand hygiene and exclusion of anyone showing symptoms.. They may also need to review their maximum capacity to ensure that staff and customers can maintain their personal space.

The restrictions on public gatherings are removed and all sports – including contact team sports – are allowed to recommence. in accordance with their national bodies guidance if relevant. Registers of names and contact details are no longer required and any registers that have been stored can now be destroyed.

All extra-curricular activities and clubs can recommence with no restrictions on the number of people attending. though they may have to follow guidance from their national associations Indoor children’s play areas can re-open.