The welcome announcement on Friday, May 22nd indicating that, on the 29th of May, the Bailiwick would move into phase four of the exit from lockdown, this will increase the freedom for residents and gradually allow for a return to the new normal. As with any new guidelines, they often evolve and change before being formally introduced. The original guidelines were amended and updated through last week and were still not complete before the media release on Friday 29th May.

The update on the Sark Chief Pleas website reflected the most up to date information we had at that time. The main message is that social distancing combined with hand washing remains the most effective way of preventing the spread of COVID 19and we must all remain vigilant. The Bailiwick is following the successful New Zealand model and declaring that social distancing is now in two specific categories: controlled and uncontrolled environments. What does this look like: A controlled-environment is where the proprietor of the premises or the organizer of an event is able to provide table-service, record the names of everyone on the premises at any one time and maintain one meter of social distancing. For instance, pubs will be able to open from 1st June and must meet these guidelines: One-meter social distancing at all times able service only, no-one going to or standing at the bar or counter. Record of names and contact numbers for everyone on the premises during opening hours. Good hygiene, providing hand sanitizer at the entrance and on all surfaces. Regular cleaning of facilities. An uncontrolled environment could be meeting in the street, chatting over the garden wall, private boat crews keeping their distance, informal gatherings of up to 30 people. In these cases, the two-meter rule will always apply


Visiting boats. Sark welcomes private boats from within the Bailiwick, however, boats from other jurisdictions are NOT allowed to land and we would ask that residents remain vigilant and contact the Constable if they have any concerns regarding boats within our bays.

Sark Shipping is resuming a limited-service from 1st June, however, all bookings must be made over the ‘phone and the passenger's contact details provided – NOT the person making the booking. This is very important, should a passenger test positive for COVID 19, we must be able to trace all the passengers who were actually on the boat asap, the trace and test procedure will start within a very short time of the test result. Anyone returning from the UK will not be able to travel on Sark Shipping, they must use the charter service and self-isolate for 14days on their arrival in Sark. Anyone who does not adhere to self-isolation regulations, or enables someone who is self-isolating to break the rules, is committing a criminal offense and can be prosecuted and if found guilty, be liable to a fine up to £10,000.

All businesses wanting to open must submit a risk assessment to the PEC BEFORE commencing work, this applies if you are providing a service within someone else home, for example, home hairdressing.


The closing date to contact AXA PPP regarding financial support for your Island Medical Insurance premium during COVID 19 is Friday 12th June. Please contact Conseiller Amanda de Carteret if you require any further advice or assistance.

Hardship fund/food bank. The hardship fund is available through Rev Stolton, and the food bank will continue and is available for all residents who need help, either temporarily or long term. These resources are there to be used for anyone and everyone who needs them.

Tradesmen from Guernsey. Anyone coming to work in Sark as a private contractor must complete a risk assessment form before commencing work and submit this to the PEC. For example, carpet fitters, they must adhere to the guidelines and the PEC must know that they are aware of their responsibilities and have a record of which premises they have visited.