Sark Coronavirus Phase 3

Phase 3 came into force on Saturday 16th May. More non-essential businesses will be able to resume, and four hours of recreation time will remain in place at this time. Up to 4 households may bubble together in total. This may be formed by the joining of two bubbles (already joined) with another two households already previously joined together, or may be formed by the addition of one or two single households with another two-household bubble. Essentially, these four households form one bubble – anything else is outside of that bubble.

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Sark Coronavirus

Sark Chief Pleas says besides two hours of exercise every day only essential workers should leave their homes as it enforces Bailiwick-wide rules to minimize the spread of coronavirus. In a statement the island's government says it is working with businesses to draw up a list of essential workers, who will then be contacted. The island will have no rubbish collections for two weeks and all non-essential services will stop.

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The boat that Isle of Sark Shipping intends to buy

Corsaire des Iles II, the boat that Isle of Sark Shipping intends to buy to replace the Bon Marin de Serk and the Sark Belle. An extraordinary meeting was held on Wednesday at which members voted to approve the purchase and also to guarantee a loan of £300,000 to the company.

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