fulmarWatercolour painting classes (Sark) One to one tuition with an experienced tutor and beautiful scenery. Rosanne Guille MA(RCA) Water-colour classes on Sark are a wonderful way to escape the stresses of modern life while learning a new skill. The natural beauty of the island scenery has inspired generations of artists from William Turner to Mervyn Peake. I have been working almost exclusively in watercolour for 25 years, so understand the complexity and unpredictability of this medium. My style of tuition is very relaxed and the emphasis is on developing each individual's level of ability, in fact, no previous knowledge is necessary. I have been teaching for ten years and offer tutoring on a one-to-one basis and also for small groups of up to eight students.

Rosie Guille


Channel Islands

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Sark Diving

With over fourteen miles of rugged coastline and countless reefs and drop offs, the waters around Sark are a diver's paradise. The sheer walls are home to sea...

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George Guille's Island Boat Trip

It would be a mistake not to experience Sark from the sea. George Guille's Boat Non Pareil sets off from Creux harbour and takes visitors around the island,...

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Bike Hire

Discover the Island by bike. Sark being a car-free zone and only allowing horse-drawn carriages and tractors, makes it one of the safest places in the British...

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La Seigneurie Gardens

La Seigneurie Gardens provide a tranquil contrast to the windswept wildness of the island’s beautiful coast. The walled garden is over-flowing with...

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Sark Honey

Le Grand Fort hives are located all over the beautiful unspoiled Island of Sark, our busy honey bees forage nectar from a variety of wildflowers to make this...

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Shore Fishing

If you really want the chance at some fantastic shore fishing then Sark is the place for you. There is shore fishing all year round, but if you want to land a...

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Watercolour Painting Classes

Watercolour painting classes (Sark) One to one tuition with an experienced tutor and beautiful scenery. Rosanne Guille MA(RCA) Water-colour classes on Sark...

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Sark Visitor Centre

The Sark Visitor Centre is situated in the centre of the island, at the end of the Avenue, the main shopping area, it can be a great first stop for visitors...

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Sark Coasteering

Adventure Sark offer you the chance to experience one of the most unique coasteering environments in the world. A day coasteering in Sark could see you...

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Lorraine’s Pottery and Silver Studio

All Lorraine's pottery is hand thrown, using stonewear clay. The pots are fired to approximately 1300 degrees centigrade, which makes them ovenproof and...

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Island Walks

Whether you are a family with young children or a seasoned hill walker, there are plenty of places to explore on Sark, and enjoy the fantastic views over the...

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Sark Threads

Visit the Weaving Studio to browse the full range of Sark Threads designs and see the process behind the production of these unique hand woven items. Also...

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Sark Wedding

Whether you plan to have a simple, intimate ceremony or the elaborate wedding of your dreams, Sark could be the perfect setting for your wedding, with two...

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Caragh Chocolates

Caragh Chocolates is a chocolate kitchen based in Sark. creating luxury handmade chocolates using the famous Sark Channel Island cream! Visit the Chocolate...

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Sark Carriage Tour

Timeless tradition and style One of the most enchanting ways to explore Sark, is by horse and carriage. Various tours are available, which will take you...

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