Andys dive compressorWith over fourteen miles of rugged coastline and countless reefs and drop offs, the waters around Sark are a diver's paradise. The sheer walls are home to sea fans and soft coral and crammed with jewel anemones in every shade of the rainbow. Being so much further south than the mainland the marine life has a distinctly exotic flavour most spectacularly illustrated in the rare and stunning sunset cup coral. Add to this the colourful and inquisitive cuckoo wrasse and more nudibranchs than you can shake a Nikonos at and you can see why so many divers return to Sark. For those who prefer wrecks to reefs there's also plenty on offer. There are Second World War cargo vessels and two minesweepers as well as older wrecks and paddle steamers all in varying depths.

Sark Diving Services is no longer offering dive charter, but we can supply air fills for visiting groups.

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