family funAdventure Sark offer you the chance to experience one of the most unique coasteering environments in the world. A day coasteering in Sark could see you exploring some of the most awesome caves and cavern Systems in the world such as the Victor Hugo, Cathedral Cave, Boutique caves and the Derrible Head Caverns or even the famous Gouliot Caves.
Adventure Sarks guides will meet you off the ferry and take you to Basecamp Sark there they will kit you out in top quality wetsuits and safety kit before departing on the days chosen adventure.

Sea Kayaks
Exploring Sark and the waters around it by kayak can be a big challenge. Tidal flows and the inaccessibility of some of the coastline make any journey around the coast a true kayaking adventure and an absolute delight!  Those same currents that provide such exciting waters also have carved vast caverns and geological features that beg to be explored.  Best of all there is no one else there, just a fabulous wealth of sea life and some of the clearest waters and freshest air anywhere in the world.

Adventure Sark also provide a full range of group and corporate activities.

To find out more please visit  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone: 07781 115167

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