Saturday 25 May 2019, 07:40am

Spring Walking Festival 2019

little sark

An all-day walking tour by Accredited Silver guide Tim Osborne takes in many interesting sites and fortifications on the beautiful island of Sark that was occupied by the Germans from 4th July 1940 until 10th May 1945.
walk the route of two Commando raids: Operation Hardtack 7 – a complete failure, and Operation Basalt – the unfortunate raid that gave rise to Hitler’s infamous Commando Order (Kommandobefehl) on 18 October 1942, which stated all Allied Commandos encountered by German forces should be killed immediately, or after interrogation by the Gestapo. The tour also includes walking around the ‘Citadel’, the area in the centre of the Island where the German Headquarters were situated, visiting the field where an RAF Lancaster crash-landed after mistaking Sark for the Isle of Wight, and the scene of the murder of a German Officer and taking in other places connected with the Occupation, including two tunnels built by conscripted and forced labour.
Depart Guernsey: 8.00am (meet at 7.40am by ticket office) Depart Sark: 6.00pm or meet outside the Bel Air in Sark at 8.55am
Price: £15 per person (boat fare and meals/snacks extra)
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07781 121650

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