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Sark“Sark the hidden gem, in the heart of the Channel Islands”

Visit the enchanted island of Sark where you may savor the living fragrance of a past age. It is a visit you will not forget, the utter freedom from the stresses of modern living, the friendly island people, the brilliant colour of the landscape, majestic coastal scenery, the profusion of wild flowers, one of the darkest and clearest night skies in the world, the wild sea birds, spectacular caves, horse and carriage rides, coastal walks, boat trips, kayaking and sea excursions. This is a channel Island destination without peers. For the visitor there is a wide range of accommodation available, from award-winning hotels and restaurants, to local B&B, self-catering and campsites.

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La Sablonnerie

La Sablonnerie

Enjoy the magical charm of La Sablonnerie, a hotel of rare quality, situated in the southern part of Sark.

Shenanigans Café

Shenanigans Café

A great place for visitors to stop and enjoy our great fresh ground coffee or maybe a cream tea, sit back and take in the coastal view of France and Alderney

Jimmy's Carting

Jimmy's Carting

When you arrive on Sark for a stay or after a hard day's shopping, you will need some help with your bags.

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