Journey to Sark for the holiday of your life-time. Enjoy the exhilaration of a crystal-clear air, at an elevation of 350ft. under a southern sun where sky and seas are blue from April to October. Visit this enchanted island where you may savour the living fragrance of a past age. It is a visit you will not forget, the utter freedom from the stresses of modern living — the friendly island people — the brilliant colour of the landscape —majestic coastal scenery — the profusion of wild flower's — the Arcadian Spring and Mediterranean Summer — the golden bathing beaches — the wild sea birds — spectacular caves — fishing, diving and sea excursions. There is fresh Island pork, beef and dairy produce from the famous golden breed of Guernsey Cattle, Sark lobster fresh scallop's absolute perfection.


The Island that's different from the moment of landing in Sark you enter an entirely different world. The tempo of modern movement ceases, the change is sudden, dramatic. People no longer pass swiftly, silently preoccupied in their infinite purposes. Waiting on the Sark quay, to convey you to your hotel or wherever you are staying, there's a jumble tractors of obscure vintage and varying elegance. Amidst this assembly, a miscellaneous crowd of people, carelessly dressed islanders docking the ship, carters, carriage owners and holidaymakers, jostle each other in amiable confusion. There are no motor cars on the island, no tarmac roads, no bright lights, and there's something unusually leisurely and relaxed in the voluble interest taken by the crowd in the ship's arrival. You are at the start of a wonderful holiday on an island that's different.


Out of this World You soon realise your first impression on landing this is no illusion. The road up from the harbour, cut deep through the chocolate earth and russet brown rocks, rises steeply up a wooded valley slashed with the brilliance of bluebell mist and yellow gorse, brings you to the top of the island which roughly centres the 600 inhabitants.You will find absolute strangers giving you a casual and friendly word when you pass them on the road. It's a charming old world, custom that the friendly island life preserves. There is a complete absence of innovation. The motor car, the bus, the train, the aeroplane, rail roads, tension, speed and bustle of massive towns and crowded populations, mould and shape our lives, but none of these things exist on Sark and their absence adds up to tranquillity, peace, “some-thing out of this world.


At its Best in the Spring it is no exaggeration to describe the Spring-time of Sark as Arcadian. From the end of March to late June, a succession and profusion of wild' flowers carpet the Island almost to sea level. Primroses, wild violets, bluebells, foxgloves, honey-suckle and blazing gorse, the sloe, wild rose, heather and thyme paint a magical pattern, and in the crevices and ledges of the cliffs, pink thrift and white sea-carnpion delight the eye. The rarity of frost and snow encourages a splendid growth and colour. The airborne fragrance of this prolific herbage mingles with the scented ozone of the sunlit bays, adding a touch of intoxication to the visual feast. For you who can come in April, May or early June, in the warm Spring days, the island will give you the stimulating vigour and freshness of its youth ; a joy it cannot repeat with the season's advance. Sark in the Spring is the fairest isle of all.


Island Paradise When you are on an island which can be comfortably dropped into a rectangle three and a half x two miles you need never be far from the sea, and the surprising thing is this tiny area has a coastline of over 12 miles ; even a carriage drive around the island is 6 miles. You won't exhaust that in a few weeks visit. The coastal scenery is an amazing variety of fantastic rock strata, sandy and shingle bays, natural rock arches, massive detached rock stacks, and all around the coast is honeycombed spectacular anemone caves, some of which can only be fully explored by the adventurous. There is Brechou Island privately owned and separated from Sark by the narrow Gouliot sea-race, and La Coupee, a dramatic razor-edged isthmus 250ft. high, joining, Little Sark to the main island of Sark. The isthmus is largely composed of decayed granite which literally flames with brilliant red and yellow ochres and masses of delicate pink, capped on the top with a mantle of bluebells, pink thrift, campion, heather and gorse.


Theres something in Sark to suit all tastes and inclinations, seclusion or the more popular bays, but whatever your age or choice you will be captivated by the enchanting views and remarkable profusion of flowers and, above all, the brilliant colouring of the land and seascape. For the 7-12-year-old, the sea dreams of the very young are realised in the endless explorations of smuggler's caves, exciting scrambles over the rocks to secret beaches, caves, and rock pools; climbs down wooded valleys to sandy bays, and so their happy care free days slip by, away from the roar of traffic and its fearful hazard to the young. The island is naturally an artist's paradise, but even if you are not a painter you will be most impressed by its endless scenic beauty this is a channel destination without peers. For the Visitor there is a wide range of accommodation available, from award-winning hotels and restaurants, to self-catering and campsites.